...tootin' our own tooters for the butterment of our universe

history — A bit of history of how the band came together tells most of whole story, the story that matters, anyway. The true story behind the band. Where it was and where it is.

The band started in 1998 When Kelly Craven, aka phoo, and Sean Carmichael decided to do some recording, share files online, just for fun and because they hadn't had a chance to play music together since 1983, in NC. phoo had moved to WA, and sean to GA, and neither had any music outlet for a long time. phoo's drums were still boxed up from the move.

On a lark, sean recorded a guitar track, playing along to a recording of Mountian's Never In My Life and sent it to phoo. phoo aded drums, cow bell, organ, and bass, and we were hooked. It was fun, and a great learning experience about online recording and file sharing. It felt great to just do it. It was wonderful that our first project sounded pretty good in our opninions as well.

Next project was a bit more planned. Elo Kiddies, a Cheap Trick cover. sean and phoo completed the backing tracks, and with the addition of sean's daughter on bass, erin. The first sort of band came into being. The band got a name, EKS. Meaning Erin, Kelly, and Sean. All along, we had a vocalist in mind whose name started with S, so we'd become SEKS if he were to come onboad. That never happened, but the band-ball was rolling. We posted these early unfinished tracks online, simply because we could, and to help solicit others.

Somewhere, somehow, phoo and Terje Nyland, from Norway, crossed paths in an internet forum. After some back and forth we got to know each other as well as possible online, meaning what we knew of each other was what we made up about the other in our minds based on posts on the forum. terje said he'd love to give the vocals a try. Not sure which one was first, but regardless, we started on a new song not long after that - David Bowie's Panic in Detroit. This song was with terje on guitar and vocals, and phoo on everything else.

This still was not a band. We were just recording for fun, seprately. sean was enlisted to add some lead to panic. With panic, kiddies, never complete and another project in the works, with fytrius, a friend of terje's from Sweden, it became obvious this could work pretty well, even if we were far apart...duh!

phoo and the far tones was concieved as an online band in name only. We never took the band seriously, thus the play on words in the name and the many stupid fart ones, gas, waving the covers, and flatuence references seemed quite natural and fitting. Works for us. It's very juvenile, non-serious, totally us.

A band rule was conceived to play nothing but songs we always wanted to play in bands but never did. We didn't do anything but covers by design. We'd keep our original material for more serious bands. Why waste good original material on a fake band? It's a fun band, period. If it's not fun, don't do it.

The fun started fading, not for any musical or personality reasons, but because of some us were going though personal family issues, real word stuff that needed attention. That made it impossible to put time into something we were doing as a sort of hobby. No need to go through those issues here, of course.

phoo and the far tones stopped recording new projects around 2004. The band ramped down and was put on hiatus with a few unfinished projects in the works. Over ten years passed. phoo did do some remastering of the first bunch of songs during that time, but for the most part the band was inactive during that whole time. Everyone moved on.

Sometimes around 2015 phoo, having retired from the day job, moved back to NC from WA, and one of the first things he did was to start remixing the old songs, just for the fun of it. It was fun again. While the new mixes may or may not be better, this was the start to resurrecting phoo and the far tones. sean was back, also being newly retired. We needed something to do, as most retirees. No one else was available, having gone into other things for many other reasons. It was sean and phoo but still the far tones.

We finished up Cream's Deserted Cities of The Heart and added it to waving the covers, as it was nearly finished in 2004. We also resurrected two very old projects, started four new ones, and brought in one more that had been a song based on a live performance sean and phoo had done in 2009 at a reunion show of their old band cirkus to make it a far tones song. The fun and joy was back in full swing, 2018.

Tragedy struck in early 2019 when sean passed away unexpectedly from heart failure. He can not be replaced.

phoo, after a year of serious mourning, and inability to do anything creative, finally decided to carry on, solo, even if it sucked. While there is no far tones/b<> anymore there is still phoo.

And that is the way it was and the way it is and the way it will be.