...tootin' our own tooters for the butterment of our universe

the music — It's the music...just the music...the end, no, and no, although it is quite rewarding when a project comes together, and sounds great when finished. What's important is having fun; enjoying playing; enjoying recording; experiencing the sturggles of getting that performance recorded you have tried so hard to get. Then, sitting back and listening, and realizing it could have been better.
  1. Pick songs you always wanted to play but never did.
  2. Learn them.
  3. Play them.
  4. Have fun.
  5. That's it.

waving the covers

  hey bulldog
  deserted cities of the heart
  elo kiddies
  grant hart
  it changes everything
  just for you
  never in my life
  panic in detroit
  rockin in the free world

phoo and the far tones

making moon gass

  babe, i'm gonna leave you
  i can see for miles
  next to you
  the chain
  the real me

unfinished  recordings

phoo and the far tones