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help — Need a bit of help?

We all start somewhere. You may already know how to do all this. You may not. Don't worry if this is all new. Now is the time to jump in head first. Let this be a fun way to get started in DAW recording.

What's a DAW? It's a Digital Audio Workstation — Multitrack recording software on your desktop or laptop. Some folks do this on a pad, or even on a higher-end cell phone.

Set Up Your Daw - Open A Guest Project

  1. Install DAW software of your choice.

    phoo uses reaper on windows as it is cheap, full featured yet simple, not buggy, and has great support.

         — It also works on Mac —

    If needed Get Reaper Here.

        — USE WHAT YOU HAVE!!! —

  2. Download a guest project zip file and unzip it into a single directory.

    Each project includes two WAV Format files:

    1) The click track, in mono format, and
    2) The full mix of the song, in 24 Bit Stereo.

    It also contains a simple reaper RPP project file.

  3. If you are using reaper, double-click the reaper project file included in the guest project zip file.

  4. For all other DAW software:

    1) Create a new project
    2) Set the tempo of the new project to match the BPM in the name of the click track WAV file
    3) Import the two WAV files into the project.
    4) Make sure they are aligned to start at exactly the beginning of the project.
    5) Save your new project.

  5. Listen to the song—Enjoy—What's missing?

Add New Parts

  1. Insert a new track in the project.

    1) ARM this track for recording.
    2) Record your new part.
    3) Add as many new parts as you want.
    4) Use separate tracks for each instrument or voice.

    Not working? Contact phoo for assistance.

  2. When done, render a new full mix

    Include all of your new parts in the mix.
    Format must be 16 or 24 bit, 44.1k Sample Rate.
    It should also be a PCM or Float WAV File.

    This new full mix is needed to aid in syncing into the full project later.

Upload Your Tracks

  1. Create a new zip file with all of your new WAV files, tracks, and the new mix that includes the full mix.

    If you are working in reaper include the reaper RPP project file.
    Do NOT include the full mix and click track WAV files.

  2. Uploaded this zip to phoo

    phoo should have already made arrangements with you about how to do this. If not contact him...again...and again...if necessary.