...tootin' our own tooters for the butterment of our universe

Flatunia — a citizen of the island semi-paradise of Flatonia,
found somewhere in the South Pacific.

Cartographers have never been able to exactly pinpoint the
island's location due to not being able to get close enough
because of the smell. Leading crops of Flatonia are kidney
beans, black beans, navy beans, plus pork and beans.

Flatunia is the current reigning champion of the national
sport of Flatulence Lighting (also known as "firing up
the tooter"
), having produced a world-record
14 foot 9 inch flame, with an impressive
total duration of 23.7 seconds.

Visitors to Flatonia have been known to be
overwhelmed by the lingering after-effects of
the Flatulence Lighting competition and are
encouraged by the Flatonia Chamber of Commerce
to bring their gas masks with them to the island.

So...How should one find the island?

Follow your nose — it always knows!

  Only known picture of
the world record flame.